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Sun Solaris ZFS

Petit tutorial sur Sun Solaris ZFS, gestion du nouveau file system de SUN.

ZFS is easy, so let's get on with it! It's time to create your first pool:

    # zpool create tank c1t2d0

You now have a single-disk storage pool named tank, with a single filesystem mounted at /tank. There is nothing else to do.

If you want mirrored storage for mail and home directories, that's easy too:

Create the pool:

    # zpool create tank mirror c1t2d0 c2t2d0

Create the /var/mail filesystem:

    # zfs create tank/mail

# zfs set mountpoint=/var/mail tank/mail

Create home directories, and mount them all in /export/home/<username>:

    # zfs create tank/home

# zfs set mountpoint=/export/home tank/home

# zfs create tank/home/ahrens

# zfs create tank/home/billm

# zfs create tank/home/bonwick

# zfs create tank/home/eschrock

Filesystems in ZFS are hierarchical: each one inherits properties from above. In this example, the mountpoint property is inherited as a pathname prefix. That is, tank/home/ahrens is automatically mounted at /export/home/ahrens because tank/home is mounted at /export/home. You don't have to specify the mountpoint for each individual user — you just tell ZFS the pattern.

This is how we actually set up home directory and mail service on zion.eng, which has been running ZFS for over a year and a half.

But wait, there's more!

ZFS provides built-in compression. To compress all home directories:

    # zfs set compression=on tank/home

To give ahrens a 10G quota:

    # zfs set quota=10g tank/home/ahrens

To give bonwick a 100G reservation (membership has its privileges):

    # zfs set reservation=100g tank/home/bonwick

To automatically NFS-export all home directories read/write:

    # zfs set sharenfs=rw tank/home

To scrub all disks and verify the integrity of all data in the pool:

    # zpool scrub tank

To replace a flaky disk:

    # zpool replace tank c2t2d0 c4t1d0

To add more space:

    # zpool add tank mirror c5t1d0 c6t1d0

To move your pool from SPARC machine 'sparky' to AMD machine 'amdy':

[on sparky]
# zpool export tank

Physically move your disks from sparky to amdy.

[on amdy]
# zpool import tank


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